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Choosing Your Construction Safety Mats

Choosing Your Construction Safety Mats

Our Construction Safety Mats help to protect the body from a range of impact injuries, from slips, trips and falls onto hard surfaces, to falling from heights.

When choosing the most suitable Construction Safety Mats for your project, we recommend that you speak to one of our highly experienced professional safety consultants to help you evaluate the required amount of protection your employees will need.

Choosing the correct product and quantity is essential for the safety and assurance of your employees whilst performing their tasks.

All companies are required by Health and Safety law to adhere to ‘The Working at Heights Regulations Act 2005’.

The Health and Safety Executive will prosecute any company that operates in a negligent manner. In the event of an accident or fatality caused by negligence, employers responsible can face prison sentences.

The Health and Safety Executive can also charge huge fines that can cause companies to fold and go into administration, as your company insurance will not be valid.

Can you MINIMISE the distance and/or consequences of a fall?

If the risk of a person falling remains you must take sufficient measures to minimise the distance and/pr consequences of a fall.

Practical examples of collective protection using work equipment to minimise the distance and consequences of a fall:

Safety nets and soft landing systems, e.g. Airbags, installed close to the level of the work

An example of personal protection used to minimise the distance and consequences of a fall:

Industrial rope access, e.g. working on a building façade
Fall arrest system using a high anchor point

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