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Dear Directors,

We provide construction safety mats for the protection of employees working at height, and offer Health and Safety Compliance advice, to a large number of companies throughout the UK.

Every company is required by law to adhere to ‘The Working at Heights Regulations Act 2005’ and ‘The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’.

In 2016, 1 in 4 fatalities at work were from falls at height. The Health and Safety Executive are issuing huge fines of hundreds of thousands of pounds to those companies involved in accidents, that have been found to operate negligently.

Prosecutions can lead to custodial sentences for those found responsible for lapses that lead to a serious accident. The most serious charges can include corporate manslaughter. If your company is prosecuted and fined for negligence by the Health and Safety Executive, it can go into administration.

Company insurance will not be obliged to pay out compensation to injured employees. Compensation to employees can be run to several million pounds in the event of a serious accident. Claims from employees can mean years of expensive court cases and lawyers fees, as well as increases in administrative and future company insurance costs.

We have been hiring out construction safety mats for over 20 years to some of the largest construction companies in the UK, such as Balfour Beatty, TFL and Network Rail. We also supply crash mats to the BBC, ITV and SKY TV.

There is never a better time to make sure your company is Health and Safety compliant than today. Our highly experienced safety advisers are on hand to talk with you anytime, and can share a great deal of valuable knowledge.

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